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HackPR 2015: Announcement

First of all, we want to express our highest gratitude to all of our supporters and sponsors for their assistance and contribution during all these years. Two thousand fourteen was a great year or HackPR. We held two tremendous events during the spring and fall of last year where we got to grew our hacker community to more than 300 participants. The opportunity of learning more about our community presented itself with the great increase in participation. Now that we are starting our 4th year, we are expanding the reach of HackPR following our mission to grow and expand the hacker community in Puerto Rico.

HackPR: The Hackathon

The HackPR:Hackathon; the big event, from now on is schedule to happen during the fall of every year. This year the hackathon is going to eventuate on September 19-20th at the Rafael A. Mangual Coliseum, University of Puerto Rico – Mayag├╝ez Campus.

What’s New?

HackPR: Students Chapters

Considering that there is a lot of work to be done on each academic institution that gets represented at HackPR, we are fostering the creation of HackPR chapters on these institutions. We will provide resources and guidance to these chapters, so they can develop experience and important skills to be used in our events. Our long term goal is to have each individual chapter create and host their own activities like workshops, techtalks and small local hackathons in their university campus.

Year-long activities

Sponsored events: During the whole year we will host different events sponsored by ours top sponsors. These events will vary between themed (sponsored) 12 hours hackathons, workshops, techtalks and info sessions.

Student chapters events: each student chapter will be able to organize independent activities to foster the hacker culture and technical proficiencies of their members and invite other chapters members.